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Are you awake at night, with big worries about how your child can master school? Do you feel the desperation; Already spring in the air, in just a few weeks it will be summer vacation, and another school year is soon over. Also this school year that was supposed to be so good. Another school year that we started optimistically, once again it failed.

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This is what Helene Ruud Lunner writes in a post on Mestringsglede (nedlagt) (discontinued), which are share on with the author's permission. Here you read the rest of the post:

The group is too large for my child, it is confusing and several students with different challenges. Also my child who all too often allows himself to be disturbed. And it's far too easy to disconnect from the tasks, and almost impossible to reconnect without adult support.  

And the class has a teacher of 30 students. An impossible task to follow up on the individual student, even for a super teacher! On top of that, frequent shifts, between classrooms, floors and different teachers throughout the school day.  


Unpredictability and ADHD

In the middle of this is my child with ADHD, and some additional difficulties. He needs stability and predictability to learn. He needs peace and as little disturbance as possible. He needs a teacher who sees him, every school hour!  

I had hoped everything would be fine the day my child was diagnosed. I thought that with an ADHD diagnosis, the resources in school will come by themselves. I was so wrong! 

So how long were we in paradise? We, parents of children with ADHD, are never long in paradise at a time! We know how to enjoy much-needed respite on days when our children are well! Unfortunately, the experience is: It lasts so far too short!  


- Bake waffles and stack firewood

The latest report on special education in Norwegian schools, makes me even more worried: Still, it's good to get it confirmed, what I have suspected for a long time. It's not just my child who gets a lot of his special education without goals and meaning. And in addition, the teaching is often carried out in compound groups - together with students who have very different needs.

And, yes, I realize I'm the billionth person to make that joke. 

“Students are set to bake waffles and stack firewood, even if they have good skills and opportunities to learn - if only they had been given adapted teaching. Many of our children with a need for special education in school, are in no way able to utilize the potential they have”, - Anne Lindboe


David vs. Goliath

As a parent, I feel so small and alone in the meeting with school. Even though I am used to working days with responsibility and getting things done, I fall short of helping my child to master school. We have tried everything - everyday school life does not work anyway! It feels like David against Goliath - an uneven game!

I feel like being in a battle with the school. A battle that I can not stand in alone. And besides, where do I start? I feel resignation comes sneaking. The easiest thing is to give up! 

Still, I have the dream, I really want to make it a reality

My child who masters school, like "everyone" others, high school achievements like "everybody else", my child geting the diploma, like "everybody else". Opportunity to stand "inside" the society, participate in education and work life, like "everybody else" of the same age!

Where do I start? I know all too well that school is the most important thing for my child to achieve his dream - the opportunity for education and participation in working life!


Knowledge is power

I can reveal a secret, without knowledge you and your child will most likely be left standing, completely still! Knowledge is power - in order for your child to achieve mastery in school, you need to know more about:


  1. How does the school system work?
  2. What are the rights of my child, who has the power to decisions related to special education?
  3. Which professionals are responsible for what?

The worst thing is that my child is left outside!

I go for the dream, roll up my sleeves - ready to do what needs to be done! What about you?

Preparations for the next school year start now! 

- From the blog Joy of mastery (discontinued)

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