Anne Marie was 51 years old when she was diagnosed with ADHD: - I was very relieved, but also sad, because I have struggled a lot.

Photo: by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

ABC Nyheter.


No one understood that it was ADHD

They write further:

As a child, the girl from Telemark, Norway, heard that she was whimsical, restless, disobedient, risk-taking, clingy, fussy curious, uncritical about touching things to be careful with.

- When I was five years old, my father told me that he thought I had a "criminal instinct". I had a tendency to lie and steal, says Anne Marie.

That the little girl decades later would get a diagnosis called ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) no one could know.


Difficulties through childhood

In the case, Anne Marie's story is described in more detail. 

Among other things, we hear about how the ADHD symptoms created difficulties in the school situation and in the social area. However, there was never any diagnosis of ADHD at that time. 

- The closest we came to diagnoses and treatment was that my father told me that children like me risked being sent to an "improvement institution", says Anne Marie to ABC Nyheter.


Suspicion of dementia - was ADHD

It was only in adulthood that Anne Marie was diagnosed with ADHD, and then it was not ADHD at all that was the suspicion - she feared that she was about to get dementia. However, it turned out to be far from the truth. When she was diagnosed, it was as if the puzzle pieces fell into place.

She tells ABC Nyheter:

- I was very relieved, but also sad, because I have struggled a lot. I have gained a lot of knowledge - in the hope that one day I will be able to have a better life, to be more social, less sensitive, less afraid, and to have stronger willpower.


A motivational disorder

Anne Marie tells that there are also positive aspects to having ADHD, which comes from the fact that ADHD is largely a disorder that affects the motivational systems. This means that the condition can also manifest itself in the form of hyperfocus and great energy within certain areas where one is particularly interested.

She elaborates:

You are super motivated for some things and totally unmotivated for other things.

But the ADHD brain lacks energy, and hyperactivity is a form of "self-medication" to improve energy metabolism and keep the brain awake, she adds.


Working life and ADHD

Living with ADHD as an adult can be tiring and exhausting, writes ABC Nyheter.

Especially if you do not know that you have the diagnosis and constantly pick on yourself for not living up to normal standards for structure, work pace and skills related to social and emotional intelligence, says Anne Marie.

She nevertheless emphasizes:

ADHD is not an obstacle. There are many community leaders, researchers, surgeons, musicians, top athletes, entrepreneurs and other professionally successful people who have ADHD.

Today, Anne Marie is a trained psychologist and has, among other things, held courses where one or both of the couple have ADHD.