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A new Norwegian research project (1) showed that the level of education and work participation was very low in adults with ADHD compared with the general population.

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About half had upper secondary school as the highest level of education, compared with just under a third of the general population, according to

The same trend applied to higher education such as college and university. Only 22 per cent of the participants in the project had ordinary work as an income basis, compared with 72 per cent of the general population.


ADHD problems create difficulties in many types of work

Common problems with ADHD are trouble getting information, having an overview of appointments, organizing everyday life, completing tasks and controlling impulses, writes

Both previous and recent research shows that ADHD symptoms imply an increased likelihood of problems with working life and studies.

The article focuses on a better and more accessible treatment for people with ADHD, and preferably at an early stage in life.

Modern treatment for ADHD means that the first choice for treatment is to combine medication and psychological treatment.

The large number of ADHD who drop out of working life indicates that such treatment can save many people's place in society and give them a better life, and that more people need such an offer.



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