Ingrid (19) actually had a dream of becoming a veterinarian. Now she merely dreams of coping with everyday life and moving on in life.

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This is what Romerikes Blad writes on its website. They say that she has always had an experience of being a little different, and has experienced a lot of bullying throughout her childhood.

Only at the age of 15 was she diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette's and nonverbal learning disabilities.

When I got the diagnoses, I kind of got an answer as to why I was so different. It made me manage to have some progress, Ingrid tells

Ingrid writes openly about her everyday life on the blog It's an everyday life that was not what she dreamed of. 

School has been a failure for me. The teachers have not met my diagnoses, and I have lost a lot of schooling. 

She has not completed high school due to these issues. At the same time, she is determined that the diagnoses should not define who she is.

I am much more than my diagnoses.

Yes, it's challenging to live with these diagnoses, but they're only I part of me, and it's not as challenging now as when I did not know what was wrong with me.

These days she is also being examined for Asperger's syndrome and eating disorder. Although she has given up the dream of completing high school, she hopes one day to be able to work as a psychiatric nurse, according to