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ADHD is a disorder that involves difficulty with concentration, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. The twins Vetle and Sander (21) have been diagnosed with ADHD since childhood - and have used medication. But while one has stopped taking medication, the other still has.

Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

Here you can read about the twins and their different experience of using / not using ADHD medication.

More specifically, Sander (21) stopped taking ADHD medication when he turned 18, while his twin brother continued.

Now I actually get exhausted, and it's very nice, says Sander.

The twin brother, Vetle, on the other hand, has continued to use medication for ADHD symptoms. He tells:

I do not find anything wrong with going on medication. Then I did not want to quit either, as Sander has done.

A background for the video is that the Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that effects of medication should be assessed at least once a year for everyone who goes on the medication over time, according to  

The most important purpose of the assessment is to decide whether to discontinue or continue the medication. Therefore, we recommend that a regular pause is carried out, so that you can see if the medication actually works, says senior adviser Anne-Grete Kvanvig in the Norwegian Directorate of Health.



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