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A small group of young people are at increased risk of becoming violent and criminal if they do not receive help. Children and young people who lack empathy and have little conscience can develop very negatively if they are not helped early in life, researchers believe.

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This writes

They write further:

People with behavioral problems and so-called CU traits (callous unemotional traits) make up a large proportion of those who commit serious violent crimes in society.

Children who have such traits are characterized by the fact that they show little concern for others, and that they care little about how they perform. They also show little remorse and guilt.

In the case on, it is emphasized that it is important to give children with such features early help. They write:

Society would benefit greatly if we could develop good measures for parents who have children with these traits. This was said by Gunnar Bjørnebekk, professor at the Department of Education at the University of Oslo.

Bjørnebekk is researching young people with CU traits.

- This is a small group. But it seems that they can have an extra unfortunate development with regard to a lot of serious violence and crime. They also do not respond so well to reprimands, boundaries and sanctions, he tells 

It is not easy to treat these young people, he believes. But a lot of research is being done on it. Both clinicians and therapists work together to develop treatment methods that are more tailored than they have been in the past. writes:

Children and adolescents with untreated CU features may develop psychopathic features as adults.

If these are addressed when they are children and young people, there is reason for optimism, Bjørnebekk believes. The article specifically mentions functional family therapy (FFT) as a promising approach to these children.


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