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This short film is called ReMoved. It is a strong film about children who are let down at home, and who need a new home - but who are in danger of being let down there as well.

 Image: Screenshot from the movie

The take home messages of the film may be interpreted in the following manner:

- Problem behavior is something more than defiance! We see a good example of this in the scene where the girl who gets a new dress from her foster parents, reacts by having an outburst of rage. It may feel on the part of the adults as if this is a "problem child", with a defiant and incomprehensible behavior - but the problems go deeper: In this case, this very gift was a reminder of something traumatic that has happened before.

Thus, the outburst of anger was not something that the girl should be blamed for, but which was a signal that she experienced a recurring trauma.

And the big drama is this: That re-experiencing an old trauma (and hence behaving with anger and rage), becomes precisely what creates a threat that the girl will again be rejected by her new parents.

- Don't abandon me! is the child's message is in this film, and it provides a strong and simple explanation of why the abandoned children can behave as they do - and how important it is to look beyond the behavior. 

Then we see children who desperately need to be endured, to be understood, and not to be abandoned again.


Here you can see the film

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