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In the first episode of the documentary series Sinnssykt (i.e., Insane) which airs on NRK Nett-tv, we met Espen who has OCD - or in Norwegian: obsessive-compulsive disorder. We get to see up close how coercion rules life, and his struggle to master everyday life.

Image: screenshot from the TV series (nrk)

You can read more about the documentary series here.

- As long as I can remember ...

Espen has OCD, or in Norwegian obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is a mental illness that is characterized by obsessions and compulsions. The episode is hosted by Cecilie Kåss Furuseth.

- Almost as long as I can remember, my head has been compulsive, Espen says in the victory.

And he adds:

- And the compulsion just spreads, so that it has infiltrated my whole life.


Everyday life becomes difficult

We get a close look at how the most everyday activities offer great challenges in his life. It ranges from visiting shops or driving a car, to putting on clothes or washing clothes. On top of it all, obsessions mix in, and characterize life with great anguish associated with having control over imaginable and unimaginable things. 

He tells as they drive past some children playing: 

- Imagine if one of them falls down, and I have driven past. Then maybe I should have helped them. That is what is so tiring about this compulsion: that it should observe and bring with it everything. 


You are not your diagnosis

In the series, we also see that behind the compulsion also hides many resources, and a unique personality with many strengths. 

The series provides a simple but powerful insight into how life with obsessive-compulsive disorder can behave, and you can watch the whole episode here.

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