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It is important that someone dares to stand up and show people a different picture of OCD.

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This writes Mathilde Strand in a post on


Shows a different perspective on OCD

She further writes:

I have long considered whether I should write this article or not. If I were to dare to expose myself in this way. But I have decided that I think it's important. That someone dares to stand up and show people a different picture of OCD than as it is often reproduced in the media.

In the post, she tells how she herself experiences having OCD. 

OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The symptoms involve obsessions and / or compulsions.


Stereotypes of OCD in the media

Mathilde also writes: 

OCD is often very one-sidedly portrayed in the media, which means that the disorder is often much misunderstood. Not everyone with OCD is perfectionist or extremely organized. That is not what the disorder is about.

OCD is about having repeated thoughts that recur. These thoughts are often frightening and cause great discomfort. Furthermore, one tries to reduce this discomfort by performing specific actions or rituals.

In other words, she underscores an important point: OCD is an anxiety disorder. This is not reserved for people with a specific type of personality trait.


Playing on your worst fears

There are some fears that often recur in people with OCD:

For someone who is afraid of bacteria and infection, this can be about washing their hands time and time again. But OCD comes in many different forms and varieties. OCD is simply an anxiety disorder that plays on your worst fears.

She writes about this:

OCD can then make you doubt everything. About who you are as a person and what you stand for. There are really no limits to what anxiety can trick you into believing. I have experienced it myself. I've had obsessions with horrible things. Things people do not want or dare to talk about.


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Mathilde concludes her post with a clear call to take OCD seriously.

OCD is not a "quirky" personality trait, but a serious mental illness. A disorder in which many still suffer in silence.

I hope that with greater openness about the more taboo aspects of the disorder that more people will dare to stand up. Please, know that there is good help out there.



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