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Reputable NICE has published guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety, and for the first time.

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This is what the website PsykNytt writes, which refers to an article from the Mental Elf. Here you read the recent recommendations for what provides the best treatment for social anxiety.


Social anxiety is a serious disorder

The article emphasizes that social anxiety is much more than being shy in a company or nervous rather than a job interview. On the contrary, social anxiety is a disorder that has a devastating effect on daily life, on social relationships, and not least in relation to a weakened quality of life. In addition, social anxiety often leads to additional difficulties, such as substance abuse.


New guidelines for treating social anxiety

Guidelines for the treatment of social anxiety have now been published for the first time by the British NICE, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. These are based on the latest research on social anxiety. The report recommends a number of measures for adults with social anxiety:


  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy, specially developed for the treatment of social anxiety
  2. People with social anxiety should not be offered group therapy rather than individual therapy
  3. People who do not want to go into therapy can be offered self-help based on cognitive behavioral therapy
  4. If the person with social anxiety wants to take medication, he or she should be offered SSRIs and followed up closely to detect any unwanted side effects
  5. Short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy can be offered if the person does not want either cognitive behavioral therapy, self-help or antidepressants, even if the measure is less effective


Recommendations for the treatment of social anxiety in children

The recommendations for the treatment of social anxiety in children and adolescents are far fewer than for adults:


  1. Children or adolescents with social anxiety may be offered group or individual cognitive behavioral therapy
  2. Children and young people who are mature enough can be offered measures intended for adults


These therapies are not recommended as a treatment for social anxiety

NICE also provides guidelines for the types of measures that are not recommended for social anxiety, according to PsykNytt:


  1. Social anxiety in children and adolescents should not be treated with psychotropic drugs
  2. Antiepileptics, tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and antipsychotics are not suitable for the treatment of social anxiety in either children or adults
  3. Measures based on mindfulness or supportive therapy are not recommended for social anxiety



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