- We do not speak the same language, writes the woman behind the blog Aspergerinformator in a new post that is about being different; about standing out from the so-called "neurotypical" among us.

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Here you read the post.

My brain is, if I have Asperger's, a little different than the brains of those we call neurotypical. The neurotypical ones are the so-called normal ones. To me, it is strange that it is normal with "white lies", wrapping the truth and forgetting the wording of sentences. I sometimes get frustrated when someone does not remember as well as I do, and turn the sentences over when repeating a previous conversation. We do not speak the same language then, and it is raining. Imagine a radio set in the middle of two channels. They collide in the middle.

I'm good at making correct sentences. I'm good at writing. I'm good at bringing my photos to life. I find it difficult to talk about small things. I get angry when others do not understand me. I have difficulties with summer time and winter time. Now we will soon set the clock again. I have difficulty with change. I have difficulty tying my shoes because it takes energy. I have to allocate my energy to what I care about. Like my pictures and my writing. I do not have many friends. It's because I'm different. I do not always say the right things and sometimes I say too much.

When I speak, I say less than when I write. That's because even though I'm Asperger's with language, I have an autism disorder and we can not always speak for ourselves. Aspergers have languages, but many of us are better at expressing ourselves in writing. Do you have time to wait for me to write? I write pretty fast. I'm good at that. To write. I took a break, but now I'm back. I play with my fingers over the keyboard and it does not hurt when they hit the keys even if there is touch. It's because I control my fingers myself - self-directed touch. Today I want to write and say thank you. To those who care about me. I am a little different.

I'm getting a little angry, when you say I'm good at saying how I feel. Because you do not know that I do not say everything. I do not say most things! And then the nurse sits there and thinks she knows everything. It's like being naked. Do you understand? Maybe no one will ever understand me. And maybe I will never learn how to get a boyfriend. Maybe I'll be single for life. Maybe, because I have some additional difficulties, I'm going to die young. Maybe I'm already in overtime. You may never understand that a person can be on overtime, other than at work and get paid extra. This is how it is for neurotypicals at work, the time after the end of working hours is considered overtime you get back as either money or leisure time.

(Note: Many people with Asperger's syndrome also have a job - and get paid overtime. Fortunately.)

- From the blog Asperger Informator