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Have you seen the movie "Extremely loud and incredibly close"? If you are interested in grief or autism, or perhaps both - well, then you have received a film recommendation. 

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)


The story can be briefly (and without revealing too much) summarized as follows:  

There are five messages on the answering machine at young Oskar's home in New York. All from the morning of September 11, 2001. All from his late father. 
It is the story of what happens in the family after the twin towers fell. But it also goes back in time, to the parents 'story and to the grandparents'.

But this is just a very general description. An important part of the film, as I see it, is the main character's personality and way of looking at the world.


Autistic traits

There is little doubt that he has significant autistic traits. In other words, for those who live close to autism, there is a lot to recognize review of the film points this out:

- The film "Extremely loud and incredibly close" does a fantastic job in portraying autism. Oskar Schell is a 9-year-old boy who - despite not having a formal autism diagnosis - has many of the characteristics of autism, and he has been tested for Asperger syndrome but without clear conclusions on the tests. 

- Through Oskar's journey to understand his father's last secret message, viewers get the opportunity to understand Oskar's unique and wonderful perspective on the world. 

Because if there is one thing that is completely indisputable with the film - it is that Oskar is not completely A4. 



Mixed reception

Now there are different views on how good the film is - so it can be okay to know. Norwegian reviewers have generally not been very satisfied. One feedback that goes again is they think it is too sentimental. One who has seen the film says:

- The film is devastatingly sentimental and "Americanized" in my eyes, unfortunately, as it had the potential to be a very comfortable and "nice" film.

- Still, it should be said that even though the book is some of the most wonderful I have ever read, sentimental is a key word that fits in there as well. 

On the other hand, the film has received a total rating of 6.9 on IMDB, based on over 85.000 feedback - and no bad rating at all.

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