Amazing things can happen is a lovely little information film about autism. It shows in a nice way what it means to have autism, and that incredible things can happen when people with autism are met with understanding and in an inclusive way.

 Image: screenshot from the video


Here you can watch the film: 


The video was launched in connection with the UN's World Autism Awareness Day. The film's main target audience is children aged 7 to 11 years. Now in May it was also translated into Norwegian.

Alex Amelines is behind the film, and he has spent the last two years making it in his spare time. He says that he became aware that there was little visually engaging information about autism, which he decided to do something about. 

Among the contributors to the film we also find Tony Attwood, who is a renowned expert on autism.

On the website of the video, they tell:

The purpose is for the film to be seen, shared and discussed by everyone, but especially teachers and parents. Feel free to use it in your classroom, or have your child's teacher show it to the class!

The film shows how we are all different - but in different ways. In other words, children and young people with autism are not alone in being different from everyone else, but they have some areas in which they particularly stand out. And this for better or worse.