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Many women hide their autism so well that no one understands what they are struggling with. But camouflaging autism is not a good strategy in the long run.

Photo: by Jurica Koletić on Unsplash

This emerges from a news story on the Norwegian research news website,


A struggle

They write further:

Lina Liman has fought a hard battle to be like everyone else. She managed it for a long time, but it almost took her life.

The Swedish journalist was diagnosed in April 2012. At that time, she had lived with autism for almost 32 years without knowing it. 

- It is only now that I can see what a struggle it was to try to live like everyone else, despite the fact that I do not have the same prerequisites.

She did not understand herself. She did not understand others. She made every effort to cope with the other, but always failed. She felt like a foreign bird who never felt the community and security in relationships that she understood others felt.

They write:

When Lina Liman finally got her autism diagnosis, a lot of pieces fell into place in the puzzle. 

In the case on, you can read more about Lina, and how autism can manifest itself in women.


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