Synaesthesia - extra connections of senses in the brain, can explain why autistics react strongly to, for example, sounds and touch.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)


This is what writes in an article about the sensory system in people with autism. The article is written by Elizabeth Norton from Science Now and is printed in

It is written that over 90 percent of people with autism experience that sounds as loud, colors as stronger and that touch can be a disturbing abuse. In addition 

The reason may be, according to a new study, that many autistics also have synaesthesia, a state of intertwined sensations, where one sense stimulates another.

Synaesthesia means that you experience sensory impressions in a markedly different way than other human beings, for example by seeing the sound of a symphony as a bundle of wavy lines, for example, or a black letter "A" as bright red, according to Aftenposten .no.    

Recent research demonstrates that the probability was almost three times as high that people with autism had a type of synaesthesia, the researchers write on the website Molecular Autism according to