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He was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at the age of 59. Since then, he has written three books on the subject, has been involved in the development of a brand new e-course, and he also gives lectures on the subject to order.

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The man in question is Gustav Koi. He has own website which (besides telling about Asperger's syndrome) is dedicated to, among other things, abdominal speech. 


Author of books on Asperger's

His authorship so far includes three books, all of which deal with Asperger's syndrome, but with different approaches to the topic.

The first was given the title "Help - the way to Asperger's syndrome"(2010), the other is called"The search for the truth about Asperger's syndrome"(2012), and the third" Asperger's Landscape "(2015). Gustav Koi discusses his books on website.

He tells

I started the first book right after I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2009, after two and a half months with a comprehensive examination. I was 59 then. It is mostly an autobiography, with reflections on the diagnosis.


Parts of own experiences

The author tells about the other two books he has written:

The second book is more of a non-fiction book, where I have contacted a number of professionals and experts in the field, as well as my experiences, reflections and thoughts with conclusions after each chapter.

The third book is more aimed at young people with the diagnosis. Mothers share their experiences and observations about their children, as well as my own thoughts as well.

While the first two books are published by SPISS publishing house, has published the latter itself on its own publisher. Unfortunately, it is sold out, he says. But he also states that the books can be found in some libraries. 


Lectures on Asperger's

Gustav Koi gives a lecture on order about Asperger's syndrome. He writes about this:

In this lecture, I share many thoughts on the diagnosis of Asperger syndrome. This is information that I have obtained through professionals and professionals who are well acquainted with the diagnosis.


Brand new e-learning course on autism spectrum disorder

One of the last things that Gustav Koi has been involved in is an 8-hour e-course on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASF). This is a course that was recently launched Health competence's websites, where the course is freely available and free of charge. Koi has been invited as a user consultant and has been present during the development of the course.

The course is probably primarily aimed at staff who work with people with normal autism, but everyone can benefit from it, he told

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