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You look so tired is a phrase I often hear. Before, I used to be offended by this. Now I only respond with a simple answer: I'm tired. This is how this nice video clip about autism begins. 

 Image: screenshot from the video

Here you can watch the movie


The take-home-messageof the video posted by the Mighty is to show an important feature of living with autism:

You see, I don't just look tired - I'm tired. 

The reasons for this fatigue are many.


  1. The lack of filter that makes too many sensory impressions penetrate.
  2. The impossibility of hiding behind a mask as most people can do.
  3. The difficulty of understanding the many social codes that tell what is "correct" behavior at any given time.
  4. The social anxiety. 

You can learn more about this by watching the film - but not just about the negatives of having autism. The other side of the coin it that autism is also a special gift, which means that autistic people have something to offer the world that others do not have.

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