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When people with bipolar disorder wore orange glasses that block out blue light, the manic periods passed much faster.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)


This is what writes on its website.

For a still unkonwn reason, people with bipolar disorder in a currently manic phase, is probably extra sensitive to blue light. It seems that blue light keeps the manic episode going, Tone Elise Gjøtterud Henriksen tells nrk.

She is a psychiatrist at the Norwegian Valen Hospital and a research fellow at the University of Bergen, and is authoring a new study showing that people with bipolar disorder are probably extra sensitive to blue light, which is found in normal daylight.

There is a need for new treatment methods for bipolar disorder, and if orange glasses can have as good an effect as suggested, this could be a very important aid for many with bipolar disorder. writes:

We are used to manic episodes lasting for weeks and months. In our study, we observed a significant change after only a few days. I'm not used to this yet, it's almost hard to believe for us who have seen it, says Henriksen.



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