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A teacher did an exercise in the classroom to explain how bullying works.

 Image: by CDC on Unsplash


"The teacher asked the students to do the following exercise: The children should each take a sheet of paper, then curl it up, step on it, and give it a few blows, without tearing it to pieces. Then she asked the children to unfold the sheet of paper. and look at how dirty it was and how many marks it had become on it. 

Then the children were told to apologize to the sheet of paper.

Despite the fact that they had apologized and that they had tried and smoothed out the sheet of paper, it was still curly, and these marks would never disappear, no matter how hard they tried to remove them. The same thing happens when a child bullies another child. Even if you say sorry, the scars will never go away.

The children's facial expressions said that the message had had the effect that the teacher wanted ".



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