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Memories of bullying often remain startlingly vivid: our body tenses, our heart starts pounding, and anxiety kicks in at even the mention of a name or place. "My Bullied Past: Why Does It Still HURT?" offers us a way to face and pass through the anger, shame, and feelings of inadequacy that still prowl around our psyche.

My Bullied Past translates insights from the author’s acclaimed book "Bullying: The Social Destruction of Self" into exercises that help readers safely explore and change unproductive emotional patterns.

By learning to reframe our relationship to past, humiliating cruelties, we can reclaim power over feelings of rage, failure, disgrace and rejection--feelings that continue to lurk in our bodies, and affect our lives.  The violence we suffered cannot be undone, but its hold over us can.

My Bullied Past was developed as a personal workbook for adults. It is also ideal for classroom use, professional development, and leadership/life-skills training.

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