You spent ten years breaking me down, day by day. My self-esteem is gone. I no longer know what self-confidence means. I have no friends within miles. All of this, thanks to you.


Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

This is what Bendik (18) writes in a post on TV2. In ten years he was not invited to a single birthday party. He tells: 

For ten years I have never been invited to one birthday. To you, I was just air. reports that Bendik describes how he was bullied for speech problems throughout his childhood and adolescence. 

It all started early in primary school, in fact already as early as the first day of school. The other children made it very clear that I was not one of them. Not because I dressed differently or looked different, but because I spoke differently.

He tells how he was brutally harassed, ridiculed, and frozen out by the other students, and how this has affected him. He specifically mention the psychological consequences of bullying:

I'm afraid to meet new people, because what if they know one of you? I dare not think about what you may have told them.

The social anxiety has not yet let go. Talking to people I find scary. For what if they, like you, should laugh at the way I speak?

After Bendik told about these experiences, he has received a lot of positive feedback.

This post should be read aloud in all classrooms, and at parent meetings, says one.