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"You are ugly, go and die". How can we allow such messages? It should not go unpunished.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

 This is what Kristoffer Næsse writes in a Si;D post at the Norwegian news outlet He further writes:

Through apps like Sarahah, Instagram, and even regular messages or text messages where they are not anonymous, young people are urged to take their own lives.

One might have thought that this is something we do not come across so often, but unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, it is becoming more and more common.

He points out that he himself has often seen comments in which young people he knows are being suggested to commit suicide. Most often it is based on the appearance or affiliation to a religion, Næsse believes.

He asks: 

What gives us the right to force a person to take their own life?

What gives us the right to send such awful comments and messages to someone?

The answer is that we have no such right, he believes - and his call is clear:

It is important that we now work actively to put an end to things like this. Today we give far too much leeway for those who want to send these messages. It must have consequences from the moment they press the send button, not after the recipient has committed suicide.



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