Many people may feel tired, unsuccessful, sad, have thoughts of not wanting to live, and so on. In this post we get just such a description - on a REALLY bad day.

Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

The post was written by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous:

You are tired, you are in pain. The head is about to explode.

You start laughing because you lost a patch of butter on the floor during breakfast.

You have failed.

Now it's just a mesh, and you can do nothing. It's always so messy and dirty here.

You are not good enough to clean up, others have clean floors all the time. And they are completely norma. You are not.

You don't manage life like the others.

I do not think I can work today, today is not a good day.

I'm weak because I can do nothing. Also, I woke up 15 minutes after I was due. The kids were already awake.

Which mother is the one who gets up after the kids on a Monday.

A bad mother, no one but me does that.

And now the kids also saw that I was fine. Uff, they can not feel much better. Poor thing, no and now I'm complaining .. they probably feel it's their fault. It is not.

I'm just so tired.

I'm always tired and it hurts.

I'm not worth that much. Imagine if I could just end my life now. Then my husband could find a new wife eventually.

I had to specify that in a letter, a final letter. That he had to find a new wife. One who can be a good mother. One that is normal and like the others.

No, I can not go to work today. I can not bear to show how unsuccessful I am. They'll get to see it.

I feel it tighten in my chest. My thoughts whiz around at 120 mph. This doesn't work.

I'm so bad, I feel sick. I have to call, I just have to do it. I know the world's worst conscience spreads over me.

That I can not do anything!

- Anonymous