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Depressed men often show symptoms other than women when they are depressed. Thus, many men are depressed without knowing it.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

 This writes the Norwegian news outlet ABC Nyheter. They add: 

Yet it is the case that men, to a greater extent than women, do not talk about what is difficult. 


- Vulnerability seen as feminine quality

Psychologist Katrine Relander believes that the high threshold for asking for help among men is the reason why more men than women choose to commit suicide.

- A lot is about the male role. They are expected to be strong and independent, and opening up is seen as a sign of weakness. Vulnerability is still considered a feminine quality in our society, she says.

Peder Kjøs, a well-known psychologist in Norway, tells ABC Nyheter:

Depressed men often drink more alcohol. In addition, they isolate themselves more.

The complicated grief

In the case, Kristian Hall is also interviewed. ABC Nyheter writes:

His first milestone was to enter therapy to talk to with a professional, "neutral" person about his complicated grief, and about his relationship with his father. In addition, much of his key to recovery was related to what Hall calls "meta-thinking."

- It matters how we think and how we feel. There are a number of cognitive techniques that can change these thought patterns. Much of the work is about dissecting your own negative inner dialogue, he says.


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