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Depression can be a pervasive condition of perceived unhappiness, emptiness and energy loss. To illustrate such an experience in a good way during a short video is therefore not easy.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

 The best information film about depression that I (so far) have seen I think must be this one.  

A pervasive condition

It's not spectacular at all, and it's relatively simple to make - but what I like about it is that it very clearly illustrates how it feels to have a depression.

Depression is just like this extremely troublesome black dog, which destroys everything and responds to everything that has previously given joy and meaning in life.

The film clearly shows how pervasive the depression is, how it can creep in, and gradually get bigger, until it affects almost all parts of your life. 

The film also illustrates why it may be to look at a person if he or she is depressed. This is something you try to hide as far as possible. 


See the film here

Ways out the depression

But fortunately, there are ways out of depression. It is not least important to understand that a depression is something you have - not something you are. And you can recover from depression. 

The video provides a nice summary of important steps out of a depression. 

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