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Maren Solheim Sørum has lived with severe eating disorders for six years. She has been nearly dying several times. Now she tells her story.


Bullying at school became a trigger for Maren's part. She tells

When I started middle school, I experienced bullying, being socially isolated. I felt very alone.
Eating less was my way of dealing with school and exclusion. In a way, it was something I mastered, something I became good at. I wanted to get thinner and thinner, and it became a vicious circle.

Maren tells about anorexia:

It's a terrible disease. And it is not so easy for the people around to understand how terrible and strong it is. Many people think that you can "eat yourself healthy" from the disease, but anorexia is a serious mental illness.

Maren now wants to tell her story to NRK, to contribute to greater openness about the disease.



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