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Oversikt over psykisk hjelp


rheins [CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Tina has since childhood been concerned with body, food and weight. In her youth, she was selected for three national teams in sports, but the eating disorder gradually took over.

Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

She recently wrote the book The sun that stopped shining, about a life characterized by an eating disorder and self-harm. writes:

From the age of five or six, Tina Øvland from Kristiansand was concerned with weight and food intake. As for so many others with eating disorders, the problems started with her feeling the need for control. Eventually, this control would almost kill her.

They also say that Tina Øvland as a 19-year-old was on three national teams: judo, climbing and football.

But it was not easy as she could not attend football trips or conventions. She could not live and eat with others.

The eating disorder led to her having to give up the sport. 


Has written a book about his life

Tina Øvland has written the book "The sun that stopped shining." She received in 2015 The Sturla Prize for this book. The publisher describes this as follows: 

In her youth, Tina Øvland had dreams of a bright career. And in many ways she succeeded. She became Norwegian champion in judo and played cup final in football. But then the sun "stopped to shine."

Tina's life did not turn out as she had hoped and dreamed. In this book, she openly tells about 20 years of eating disorders and self-harm - about a lonely life - always on her way into or out of a treatment program. She writes uncensored about despair, all the questions, treatment that did not work - and about people around her who never gave up on her.



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