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People who overeat tend to eat if they are not feeling well with themselves. 

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This writes the Norwegian life-style magazine


Overeating can also be an eating disorder

They write further:

In recent years, the focus on eating disorders has increased. Among other things, it is fought to show that Anorexia nervosa does not mean being underweight and that men are also affected. Overeating is one of the diseases that is perhaps most misunderstood. 

They tell about Mona Larsen (51), who works for The Norwegian Eating Disorders Association and who has struggled with overeating since she was a little girl.

She tells

- I tend to say that it could just as easily have been heroin. There are feelings that you deserve it; that you are sad or stressed and feel that you need something. 


Regulates difficult emotions with food

An important point in the article is that people who overeat tend to eat if they do not feel good about themselves. 

Line Orvedal, who is an advisor at Counseling on Eating Disorders (ROS), tells 

Food can have a calming effect or act as an escape from unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

As food and eating are experienced as having this calming effect, overeating may develop as an unconscious strategy that applies to most emotional states - especially in negative emotional states such as sadness, loneliness and anger.

Thus, she points out that in order to faciliate proper help to individuals with over eating disorders, the psychology of this behavior must be acknowledged. Or to state it easy: 

- You have to work with the psyche before you can work with the body



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