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Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool, Peter Kinderman, wants radical changes in psychiatry and believes we are astray in our penchant for biologizing mental disorders.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

This is what the Norwegian Psychological Association writes on its website.

We must stop considering people's emotional distress solely as a symptom of illness. A simple list of people's problems will have greater validity and will be more than sufficient as a basis for planning care and service, he writes in his book A prescription for psychiatry.

Kinderman's main message is that we must hunt for the diversity of causes behind the various psychological phenomena and make sure we are equipped to deal with emotional distress using methods other than medication. 

Several serious mental disorders such as bipolar bipolar and schizophrenia, Kinderman believes, are all too often described as biological diseases, and that one fails to relate them to individual life experiences.

Do not ask what is wrong with me, but what has happened to me, he says to summarize what he believes should be the main perspective in the face of mental illness.




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