If you have had a frightening experience with other people, you are more likely to get chronic pain than if you were exposed to a car accident or a fire.

Photo: av Luis Galvez of Unsplash


This writes forskning.no. They refer here to a new, Norwegian study which, among other things, found that patients with PTSD are more than twice as likely to have chronic pain than other patients. 

Furthermore, forskning.no says:

People who, for example, have experienced car accidents and natural disasters have less pain than people who have experienced violence, sexual abuse or other things that have been inflicted by other people.

That is what Johan Siqveland at the University of Oslo says. The researcher has studied 70 patients who have visited the pain clinic at Aker University Hospital.

The study is interesting in several ways.

- The most interesting thing about this study is that we find that the concept of trauma is very broad. I think it can be interesting for us who work with this to distinguish more between different types of trauma, says Siqveland.

In addition, the findings of the study may raise questions related to how the health care system is structured. Forskning.no writes:

- Today, some work with pain and others with mental health. But this study has shown there is a large overlap here. Are we good enough to see this in context? he asks.