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Many of those who are referred to child and adolescent mental health care services do not receive help, they are told that they are not sick enough, that their problems are not big enough. Others are admitted to the services, but are told that they are "too sick."

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This is something that emerges in a very nice guest post from Maria Solås (21). Here you read the whole post:


How about improving the services?

Hey you, yes you. Politician, man in the street, neighbor, student. Do you see what is happening, what is happening to our country?

Do you see that those who are weakest are just pulled down and forgotten?

Because that's what happens, they get lost in a system that is so concerned that everyone should not have to pay more taxes, so those who are rich can get a little richer. We are so concerned about comfort that we do not want to sip the idea of ​​letting our goods disappear in favor of someone being able to get help.

But what about improving the services for those who are mentally ill, strengthening child and adolescent psychiatry that can prevent someone from becoming very ill? What about long-term caer, what about the hospitals, the nurses, those who become ill?


When you need help yourself

Because you do not think about the weakest among us. You only think that you should pay as little as possible, that you should have the easiest burden possible. Those who desperately need help, they stand in line, they wait and hope that someone might help them too.

We live in a welfare state, with free hospitals and available treatment.

But when you suddenly end up as a patient with this system, you notice that: No, it is not always smooth, it is not always available help for you.

More and more young people suffer from mental illness, more and more need help to cope with everyday life. Logically, the health services should thus be improved, the schools got should get more nurses, and child and adolescent mental health care services should get more capacity. You might think that these services would offer preventive efforts for those starting to get ill.

However, many of those who are referred to child and adolescent mental health care services do not receive help, they are told that they are not sick enough, that their problems are not big enough.


- Too sick to get help

For child and adolescent mental health care services does not have the capacity needed to deliever preventive efforts. They engage merely in "firefighting". That is, they step in only once the problems of young people have developed out of control.

The nurses at the school have a queue, a queue of people who are having difficulties, and who need to talk to someone. These are people who are being treated as objects, who are thrown back and forth in the system. Which at first are too healthy, and later perhaps too sick.

This was me, 6 years ago. I was "lucky". I was so underweight that my life was in danger, so I got help from the child and adolescent mental health services within a few months after I was referred.

But I was too sick, they could not help me. I was given up and sent on. Again and again. With me it was merely firefighting: there was a full fire and a hundred diagnoses.


- I believe in prevention

If someone only had competence, I could get help early on, instead of being here - in the system - 6 years later, much, much sicker. Had it been a focus on providing help in the early stages, mush could have been different today. Had only the mental health services been expanded, and had only the schools been hiring more nurses, then most likely fewer people would have become seriously mentally ill.

I have faith in prevention, it's so important!

But those who end up where I ended up, with the label seriously mentally ill, they are also important. And now, availability to services to those in need of long-term admissions, it only decreases and decreases.

Those who need something more than outpatient conversations, those who have been ill for so long that it is called chronic, they must not be pushed aside.

It is not helpful that they want to expand the responsibilities of the primary services in the municipalities [in Norway]. 


We must not forget those who are invisible

If all the institutions that have specialist expertise in different diagnoses are closed down, those who are chronically ill will remain chronically ill. Those who have been given up will disappear, more will die. It is so important that we do not forget those who are invisible.

Too many seriously mentally ill people are not part of society. They are withdraw, they are hidden, and they almost need help just to breathe at all.

I got help when I was 18, during an emergency hospitalization a psychiatrist realized that there were bigger problems here than what the outpatient mental health clinic offered. She said I was psychotic when I had previously only heard that people like me could not become psychotic. I was admitted to a psychosis ward with specialist expertise.

Adult mental health care services had now for a year told me that I was okay now - that I was not sick. Now, I suddenly heard that I was seriously mentally ill. It was strange and it felt very wrong, but now I at least got help.


Departments are closed down

I am still hospitalized, and because the system has not been able to help me before, what has been almost 3 years will be even longer. Because I'm still very sick and need a lot of help. But I'm lucky, I'm one of 9 in my hospital circle who get help for psychosis problems.

The hospital, which had many hundreds of patients before, now has only four wards left, with 8-10 patients per ward. Because department after department for special treatment is closed down.

It's sad, but it's the truth for the whole country. Departments are closed and those who need more help than from the primary services have nothing.

I have a cry for help that people with mental illness get better help. I have experienced the worst in psychiatry, and I have experienced the best.

I know that even those like me who have been given up can get help. But the right help is needed, someone needs more than what the municipalities can offer and then they must get it. Do not close down more departments, expand, because it is needed, it is so badly needed.

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