Alexander received the diagnosis "behavioral disorder". What he needed was love and care.

Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

This is what writes in an article about 21-year-old Alexander. He tells the newspaper: 

My real diagnosis was that I had experienced too little love and that I had experienced too few hugs.

The post states that Alexander is engaged in the Norwegian youth interest group, Forandringsfabrikken (i.e., The change factory), which is a foundation that works nationally to increase the influence of children and young people in the support system.

He also says that as a child he visited the child welfare service a lot. The one-sided focus on the fact that he had "behavioral problems" in childhood was of little help to him:

Behavior is emotions that want out. It should not have been allowed to give diagnoses, antidepressants or sleeping pills to children under the age of 18 before one had looked into their hearts.

Putting children into behavioral programs at school is also completely wrong. Sitting in groups and learning to apologize to each other takes the focus away from what creates the behavior you want to change.

How could I be the way they wanted me to be, when I always experienced difficulties just before coming to school?

He also says that he eventually found his way into drug problems.

In the article on, you will hear more about Alexander's story, and about how Forandringsfabrikken works to give children and young people a clearer voice within the context of the health services.