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A new Swedish report presents ten common reasons why young young people choose to end their studies prematurely.

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Nordisk Kunnskapsbank on dropouts in upper secondary education writes about this report: 

The report's findings are based on a survey conducted with 379 young people who all dropped out of high school or primary school. The report says the young people that the most common reason they decided to end their studies was bullying and lack of educational support. More than half of the respondents in the survey indicated that bullying was the main reason. 

The 10 reasons for dropping out of school

According to the young people in the survey, the ten most common reasons for dropping out of school are:


  1. Bullying
  2. Lack of educational support
  3. Adults who do not care
  4. Poor treatment at school
  5. Insufficient educational support in school after a long absence due to illness or substance abuse problems
  6. Need for more practice and less theory
  7. Chaotic or unstructured school environment
  8. Wrong choice of educational race
  9. Neuropsychiatric disorders that are not detected during school hours (eg ADHD) 
  10. Poor home conditions


The young people's advice on what can prevent students from dropping out

The report also presents the young people's views on what they believe should be changed so that fewer students drop out of school.


The young people say that teachers and other employees in the school must take action and show action earlier when a student has difficult feelings, does not get hung up on school work, or starts to wander. They also say that they want committed teachers who dare to make demands, but they also want smaller classes, and a teaching that is more individually tailored.


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