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We have interviewed hundreds of people who have shared their toughest challenge. Several of them have, among other things, talked about depression.

Image: The Human Aspect 

Susann Nikkerud tells She refers to the online resource created by the foundation The Human Aspect.

She goes on to say:

For example, we have interviewed Linn who is a great role model for many who struggle with depression. 

Intended as an educational resource

The online resource can be described as the world's first life experience library, where you can find hundreds of people who have overcome their toughest challenge and what they have learned.

Susann Nikkerud says:

Pedagogically, this should help the person not to feel alone, and that they should have a clear first step they can take out of their challenge. 

The interviews are supported by the e-health directorate and are used in the teaching of future psychologists, including at OsloMet, and we collaborate with the University of Oslo. 

She elaborates:

These interviews are intended as an educational resource to help people who are facing life challenges.

The interviews are used in psychologist education

The interviews are used, among others, by UiO to educate tomorrow's psychologists, by organizations around the world and have been supported by the E-Health Directorate since 2017.

The interviews are of everything from ordinary people to Kjell Magne Bondevik, Chris Medina and other role models, with a tough background, says Susann Nikkerud.

The online library is categorized and all the interviews have a preview and full version, but also recommended videos that you are used to from YouTube. They are active and fast growing on social media like Facebook and Instagram with their short snippets from the full interviews and lessons learned from most people.

The library already consists of 128 published interviews and thousands of new users every month. They have 75 ready or in production to come, and over 100 in the pipeline finished filming.

Podcast on everyday psyche

The Human Aspect has also created the podcast The everyday psyche with their first 10 episodes out on various mental health challenges in everyday life, where they guest both those with experience in overcoming such difficulties as well as experts on the topic.

The everyday psyche was started just before Christmas, and is now used all over the world and has users in over 150 countries. In addition, they have reached over 10.000.000 via social media.

Tales of depression

The Human Aspect already has countless interviews on the most common categories such as anxiety, depression, bullying, identity and grief.

On The Human Aspect's website, you can hear, among other things Former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik talk about depression. When he was reported sick for depression in 1998, this was at a time when there was little openness about mental health challenges in the media. 

In addition, you get a number of other stories about where depression has been part of the problem.

Many other life challenges 

On The Human Aspect's online resource, you will also hear people talk about a wide range of other life challenges, such as loneliness, mental illness, bullying, addiction problems, and much more.

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