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Having a sensitive or sensitive nervous system means that you are aware of small nuances in the surroundings. Typical characteristics are sensitivity to light, sound, pain, heat and cold.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

This is what writes in a article about the highly sensitive children - who are not taken seriously.

High sensitivity is not a diagnosis, but is considered a personality trait. People who have this personality trait have a more sensitive nervous system, which means that they react more to smells, light and stimuli.

This writes TV2 Good Morning Norway in one article on the same topic.

If you are sensitive to pain, react a lot to caffeine, are easily frightened, do not cope well with being hungry, or become irritated when many things happen at once, it may be a sign that you are highly sensitive. 

According to the Association for the Highly Sensitive in Norway, 15-20 percent of the world's population is highly sensitive.

The signs may be that the child is extra was for physical stimuli, such as sounds, smells and light. They like to sleep very lightly and wait and observe before joining the toy. writes:

The Danish psychotherapist Ilse Sand calls highly sensitive children "orchid children". She describes how the children can flourish and come up with resources other children can only dream of if it is arranged for it.



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