Schizoid personality disorder is characterized by the person being socially withdrawn, showing little emotion, and preferring imagination and solitary activities. It is not often that we hear personal stories about living with schizoid personality disorder. But Emilie has just this disorder.


Photo: by Stewart MacLean on Unsplash 

You can read more about this in a case in the magazine The Mighty. Emilie says:

I have several mental disorders, some more visible than others. My intrusive thoughts are most visible to the outside world since these give me muscle spasms. 

I also have schizoid personality disorder, which means that I can be perceived as socially awkward, and that I can seem "strange".

In addition, she talks about both generalized anxiety disorder and trichotillomania (an impulse disorder). 


- Prejudice against people with mental illness

In the post, she deals with prejudice against people who have mental illness. She writes:

Some people have more difficulty than others in accepting people with mental illness, because there are so many misunderstandings. 

She tells of several situations where her mental illness has been met with contempt and condemnation, or simply with a lack of understanding.


Also need for awareness around living with severe mental illness

In the post, she concludes that there is a positive awareness of mental disorders. At the same time, she emphasizes that the increased awareness of mental disorders has largely been limited to conditions such as anxiety and depression. To a much lesser extent, there has been an increased awareness of living with more serious forms of mental illness, including personality disorders.

She writes: 

Depression and anxiety are terrible for the people who have to live with it, but these disorders are not considered "dangerous" to society, as schizophrenia or other mental disorders are often perceived.


Want to know more about schizoid personality disorder?

This is how it can be experienced to have schizoid personality disorder:


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