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More people than ever are asking for psychological help to deal with a manipulative leader. Psychologist Siv Johansen in Larvik experiences this. She receives a new case almost once a month.

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This writes NRK Vestfold. They tell the story of "Per" who is one of those who has experienced such a leader. 

"Per" did not realize the extent of it until he had physical ailments, such as dizziness, headaches, tremors in the body and poor night's sleep. Eventually it went so far that he had small panic attacks, writes NRK Vestfold.

Per explains that he finds it difficult to say exactly what the leader did, but it was about small drops over time and that he was criticized in front of colleagues. Afterwards, the leader dismissed this as a trifle.

Bosses who treat others badly are extremely self-absorbed. They take credit for the work of others and want recognition. They are unscrupulous and my clients experience that the leaders do not show empathy. These leaders will appear as a winner at the expense of other people, says psychologist Siv Johansen in Larvik to NRK Vestfold.

If you are exposed to such a leader, it is important to acknowledge this, and not just push it under the rug, according to the psychologist. She gives the following advice to someone who is in such a situation:

Talk to others, seek support, create your own alliances and seek help early. Contact the shop steward and safety representative before it is allowed to develop. In addition, it is a good investment to build a good self-esteem. If you have good self-esteem, you are not such an easy victim for a manipulative leader.



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