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What is the right way to behave when you are worried your child is going to die?

As the daughter of a mother with mental health issues made worse by head injuries, and mother to 4 children who would experience their own trauma, mental health challenges and diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, Author, Amanda Read, struggles not to reject her son for what he has caused. She holds on by understanding that mental illness is beyond a person’s control, and in her family appears to be largely inherited, a result of nature over nurture.

Told by medical professionals that it was very unlikely that her son would survive his teenage years, Amanda, a long-time worker with families and children, sought as much professional support as she could find. “His safety was my priority, yet I found the system offered nothing to parents such as myself, and I often encountered less than positive experiences in seeking help”.

From her chaotic early years living with a mother who was often absent and unpredictable, On the Border follows Amanda’s journey to adulthood, her owns struggles with regulating her own emotions and maintaining relationships, through to mothering her 4 children and finding that, even with the best of education, intention and connections, mental wellbeing can remain an unbeatable Nirvana to reach.


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