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A few years ago, we thought that most of the brain development took place in the very first years of life. New technology suggests that the importance of adolescence needs to be adjusted upwards.

 Image: Screenshot from the video


This is what PsykNytt writes based on a lecture from Sarah-Jayne Blakemore at TED Talks. Even reviews TED Talks lecture as follows: 

Why do teens seem to be so much more impulsive and so much less self-conscious than adults? Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a researcher in cognitive neuroscience, compares the prefrontal cortex in adolescents and adults to show us how typical "teenage behavior" is closely related to the explosive development that takes place in the brain.

PsykNytt further writes about the current lecture:

Blakemore's explanations may make it a little easier to understand why young people think and act so differently from adults. She also emphasizes the importance of young people in their late teens going to school, since their brains are developing rapidly during this period.

Here you can see the video

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