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Nuggets bird is a simple but gripping animated film that provides an unforgettable illustration of addiction problems. 

 Image: Screenshot from the video

The film depicts a very special bird, a kiwi, which by the way is New Zealand's most famous and popular bird species, known as the bird that can not fly.

- There's something extraordinarily gripping about this kiwi's struggle with addiction, writes Huffington Post about this movie.

- Perhaps, because there's something so devastatingly human between the stark black and white lines, they further suggest.

At first, it's not really that bad. The kiwi goes its steady course, but then something happens.

A mysterious, golden piece of something unknown is discovered, and the bird tries it out - and the incredible thing happens: The bird can fly! It is an incredible experience! An intoxicating experience!


Watch the movie here


Life that is darkened in the absence of intoxication

Then it is no wonder that the bird again picks up from the golden piece the next time he comes across it, and again he can fly!

But it is no longer the same. He experiences to fall for the first time, in a literally crash landing.

Nevertheless, now the urge has emerged to be able to fly again. In the quest for this expericence, life is getting darker, and being able to fly will be the only thing the kiwi longs for. He no longer walks his steady gait, but runs to get a new drug experience. 

The upswings in the face of intoxication are short-lived. The crash landings are hard. And the world around is getting darker and darker. The kiwi has got an addiction problem!

And then the film dies out. We are left with the realization of how intoxication - which at first seemed to be an enrichment - became an eclipsing threat to the very existence of the bird that could not fly.  


When the solution becomes the problem

The film provides a very nice metaphor for drug problems. Intoxication can initially seem liberating, and can give the impression of "giving you something extra" in everyday life; of being a solution to various problems in life.

But intoxication is usually a poor solution to deeper life problems. Eventually, intoxication becomes an additional problem; just like in this movie.

Therefore, it is no wonder that many of those with substance abuse problems also have mental health problems, and it is not always so good to know what came first. In any case, it is important that you encounter substance abuse problems as something more than difficulties related to a substance abuse problem.

There will usually also be a need for help to get your life back on track - not just to stop using drugs. 

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