Young people with substance abuse problems are picked up too late, according to the researcher, who wants more substance abuse prevention in school.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)


This writes NRK Hordaland in a case involving a new study from researchers at Uni Research Health in Bergen and the Competence Center for Substance Abuse Research in Health West, which shows that there is a clear connection between young people who are intoxicated and poor school performance.

NRK Hordaland quotes psychologist Ove Heradstveit who is the first author in the study published in Frontiers in Psychology:

Those who intoxicate themselves do worse at school. We see this both in grades and in school absence. It was a confirmation of something one could assume, but which had to be examined in order to establish it


The more drup problems, the more school problems

In the case on NRK Hordaland, it also appears that the use of drugs was associated with low grades and high absenteeism, regardless of whether the young people had simultaneous mental problems, across gender, and regardless of which social group the young people came from.

This illustrates well that the use of drugs in itself can have a negative impact on school functioning, and not only for those young people who are struggling mentally or who have a low socio-economic status.

In addition, the association was stronger the greater drug problems young people have.