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When you get drunk, the negative effect on your thinking and performance ability lasts longer than you think, according to a new study.

Image: by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

This emerges in a news item on the research side Eurekalert.

They write:

Research findings published in the journal Addiction by Psychologists at the University of Bath show that cognitive impairments associated with getting drunk are also present the next day, even when there is little or no alcohol left in the blood.

More specifically, the study sheds light on how hangover leads to poorer attention, memory and psychomotor abilities such as coordination and speed, and that all of these abilities are impaired compared to when one has not drunk the whole day in advance. 

The study is more specifically a review study that has reviewed the research literature on the negative cognitive effects of hangover from drinking the day before.

Dr Sally Adams tells Eurekalert:

Our findings demonstrate that hangovers can have serious consequences for performance and everyday activities such as driving a car or in relation to work ability, for example in relation to concentration and memory.

She adds: 

These findings also underline the need for more research on how hangovers from alcohol use can have an impact on an individual level for health and well-being, but also on a societal level related to security and finances.


The study simply explained 



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