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I went into my biggest acting role ever. The dying were to play happy and alive for 6 months.


Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

This is what Oddvar Vignes writes in a very thought-provoking post on He tells:

Things had piled up. Nothing was bigger than others, but the sum was too high. I was 28 years old and set up a plan for how my own life would end.

He tells in the post about his background for the suicide attempt, and refers to A-magazine who had written about suicide among young people with perfectionist tendencies, and where there were no signs of mental difficulties in advance. 

Oddvar says that he himself is a good example of this. He says:

While the researchers may wonder why so few survivors saw signs of mental illness, I did not wonder at all. These were superheroes. People who were extremely skilled and had great capacity. Of course, they managed to keep these things hidden from their families. They set high goals and were distinctly perfectionists.



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