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Life can be really crap at times, and especially in adolescence. This is how a feature on NRK Newton begins where they cover 13 things they want young people to know about depression, in a feature called "13 reasons why not."

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 The title of the feature is a reference to the series "13 reasons why", a popular TV series that airs on Netflix.


13 reasons why writes about this series:

13 Reasons Why »is about 17-year-old Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford), who takes her own life after feeling bullied and banned. The girl leaves behind 13 cassette recordings, each of them intended for young people she believes must take their share of the blame for her now death.


Concerns about contagion effect 

Several experts on mental health and suicide among children and adolescents have been out with their concerns related to the series "13 reasons why".

Among the accusations that have been made about the series, it has been mentioned that it has suicide as a theme, but without the series referring to "alternative solutions" to suicide.

The fear has been that the series could lead to one contagion effect, meaning that more young people will be inspired to commit suicide. 

Bullying expert Kristin Oudmayer told TV2 about this: 

I have talked to many young people about this series. And especially the young people who struggle themselves, say that they are triggered. Several people I have talked to have the urge to hurt themselves and feel the negative emotions that they face inwards, says Kristin Oudmayer.

This concern has recently been raised by several reporters accumulations of suicide among young people in Norway


13 reasons why not

An important contribution into this context is made by the television program Newton on nrk. In a feature they call "13 reasons why not", they address the topic of depression among young people, and state 13 points that they want to convey to young people. 


The content of the video

In short, the thirteen points highlighted by Newton are the following:


  1. You are not alone
  2. It gets better
  3. The difference between sad and depressed
  4. Emotions are not dangerous
  5. The first step is to talk
  6. Things that help
  7. You can help others
  8. This is how you see that others are in pain
  9. You can hurt others
  10. Everyone can get depression
  11. Do not let it go too far
  12. One step at a time
  13. Share this video

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