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You will find a status update from a friend who worries about whether he / she is actually at risk of suicide. What are you doing? Facebook is now launching a service that will help prevent suicide by being able to offer choices that lower the threshold for taking action when you are worried about a friend.

 Image: Dreamstime (with licence)

I guess it's just getting used to it - that society has become digital, that we live out large parts of our (social) lives online and in social media. Then it is interesting to see that work is now being done on mental health prevention measures on Facebook. 

- If someone posts something on their Facebook that may be of a suicidal nature, a notification will appear that will offer help, writes about this case.

Anyone who sees statements or status updates that they consider suicidal can report them directly to Facebook, and then a special team will consider this further. If the team considers that the statement is real, they will contact the person in question with private messages offering help. In addition, you get other choice options, including contacting relevant professional support services for advice. 

The service also offers several other options, including that you can get suggestions for messages you can send to the friend that you are worried about. This feature is made because many people think it is a high barrier to contacting a friend that one is worried about, and many wonder what might be wise to say. 

It is Facebook itself that announces that they will start with this service. It will first be tested in the US, and it is uncertain whether it will also be launched in other parts of the world. To get a good overview of what is planned, watch the video below.





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